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We know that the best results come from a customized approach. Instead of following another set of restrictive diet rules designed for the masses, let us help you create a simple and sustainable plan built around YOUR lifestyle, preferences, personality, goals, and non-negotiables so that you can get results without sacrificing the things you love most. 

We Believe:

When it comes to fitness and nutrition, there’s no such thing as one-size-fits all. We believe that the right approach is different for everyone and that you can look and feel the way you want without restrictive rules or giving up the things you love most. 

One-On-ONe Fitness Only Coaching

I’m someone who spent a lot of time *cough, therapy* working to overcome the body image issues I've struggled with most of my life. I wasn’t in the market for a health coach or trainer to tell me things I already know about what is “bad” or “good” for my body. I was
looking for consistency, flexibility, & accountability- & that’s EXACTLY what I’m getting.
-Megan B.

One-on-one nutrition only coaching

The You Method has helped me understand how much your mental well-being plays into your everyday health & nutrition. It is not all about losing weight & that’s what I have always thought,  A-L-W-A-Y-S. Realizing how the decisions I make and why I make them has been a big game changer for me. Trust the process.
-Kelli T.

One-on-one Fitness + Nutrition coaching

Working with The You Method has been exactly what I needed. I don’t have this love/hate relationship with food because I am able to eat without guilt. It’s a slower process than some of the things I have done before but the mental shift for me is going to help me be successful in the long run! 
-Danielle C.

One-On-ONe Fitness Only Coaching

I can’t recommend The You Method enough. It’s the best money I’ve invested in myself in a very long time. Their programs aren’t about diets or getting your ideal special event bod. It’s really about being happy, all year round, & living and loving a real, non-restrictive, fun, SOMETIMES sugar filled, care-free life.
-Megan B.

One-on-one nutrition only coaching

Working with The You Method has been a game changer! This experience has challenged me to think differently about food and body image. My coach listened to my concerns and helped me create an individualized nutrition plan that is sustainable. I highly recommend this experience to anyone who is struggling with a generic diet plan.
-Kelly K.

One-On-One Coaching

Looking for accountability and a one-of-a-kind method that makes reaching your nutrition and/or fitness goals simple and sustainable? Then one-on-one coaching is for you. You’ve got options! Choose what works best for you: Fitness + Nutrition, Nutrition Only, or Fitness Only. 

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One-Time Consult Call

Looking for some guidance or a quick refresh to your current fitness and/or nutrition routine. We’ll work together to add a personal touch to your program that you can easily implement on your own. 

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Habits Made Simple

Looking to master the basics so that you can finally reach your goals? If you struggle with consistency and are tired of “starting over,” and want to build healthy habits that last long-term, this is for you! This 30-day self-guided program was designed to make mastering the basics simple and sustainable.

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Meet Kelsey & Lydia

We’re humans first, coaches second, who have had it with the silly lies told by the diet and fitness industry and are here to put an end to ridiculously rigid programs that leave you feeling frustrated, defeated, and deprived. 

That’s why we created The You Method. After years of learning first hand what doesn’t work, we’re dedicated to helping you cut through all of the complicated BS in the diet and fitness industry so that you can finally follow a method that works for you; one that make things simple, sustainable, and actually enjoyable for REAL-LIFE HUMANS like you! 

Oh, and we like to have fun doing it because taking care of yourself should be fun, not miserable. 

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What Makes Us So Different

other methods

One-size-fits-all templates, calorie calculations, and meal plans

Restrictive and rigid rules that leave you feeling guilty, deprived, and hungry

Force you to give up the foods and activities that bring you joy

Aren’t flexible with your schedule and lifestyle

Customized fitness and/or nutrition program designed around your lifestyle, non-negotiables, goals, and more

Incorporates flexibility so that you can enjoy the things you love 

Judgment-free accountability that helps you learn the WHY behind the choices you make

Built around your schedule and lifestyle

Expect you to go from 0-100 overnight

Make you feel like a failure when you mess up

Only focus on short-term results with no long-term game plan

The you method

Prioritizes long-term results so that you can finally stop the diet cycle 

Focuses on simple, realistic change so that reaching your goals doesn’t feel overwhelming

Incorporates healthy mindset practices that help you ditch negative self-talk and self-destructive habits

Meal Prep Made Simple 

Meal Planning Made Simple 

Prepping food is an important part of improving your nutrition, but we know that meal prep can seem intimidating and confusing. This guide will walk you through the simple system to make meal prep work for YOUR lifestyle so that planning, prepping, and portioning your food is simple! 

Before you can even run to the grocery store or step in the kitchen, you need to have a plan. But we know life can be unpredictable! This guide will walk you through how to make a simple weekly meal plan that leaves room for spontaneity and takes the guesswork out of "what do I even need to prep?" 



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