One-On-One Coaching: Nutrition Only 

Work with a coach to build a comprehensive nutrition strategy that will actually work for YOU, long-term. You and your coach will develop a nutrition strategy that will help you reach your goals without deprivation or restriction. Your method will include a customized nutrition strategy and recommendations, weekly accountability check-ins and monthly video calls with your coach, and access to our coaching app.

Let’s do this!

If you have an exercise routine you love, but you’re struggling with figuring out what and how much to eat, this is for you! 

Frustrated with your nutrition habits

Confused about what to change and why

Tired of trying diets that never work long-term

Worried that you’ll never be able to reach your goals

Wondering why you can’t stick to anything

currently you are

Feel confident in your own skin

Stop obsessing over food

Follow a plan built around YOU

Work with someone who “gets it”

Have a method you can stick to for life

You’re ready to

Nutrition Coaching

Coaching app access (like having your coach in your back pocket)

Weekly check-ins for accountability and encouragement

Individualized nutrition strategy and recommendations

Customized habit tracking


the perks

To start, your coach will help you build a foundation of simple healthy habits. 

Each week, you and your coach will work together to assess what is working and what changes need to be made. 

Each program is completely individualized, so your coach will only make recommendations that are right for YOU. 

How It Works


$157/month with a minimum 3-month commitment

Next Steps

Click the button below to fill out our questionnaire so that we can get to know you and then book a call to start creating your personalized YOU method! 

i am ready for a change

You and your coach will work together to build a strong foundation of healthy habits that you can sustain long-term. 

Learn to become a master of your mindset and how to undo old self-destructive patterns and thoughts.

As you become more consistent with your foundational habits, you’ll feel confident to start making simple changes to your lifestyle that will help you reach your goals.

Build a strong foundation

Break through mental barriers

Expand on the foundation

Your coach will help you become an expert on YOU. We will provide education and resources so that you never feel like you don’t know what you’re doing or why you’re doing it.

The best plan for you is the one you can keep up with forever. That means no more yo-yo dieting, falling off the wagon, or stashing 8 different clothing sizes in your closet.

Discover how to navigate your way through EVERY season of life so that you can enjoy life while still taking care of your mind and body. 

Learn and grow

Create lasting change

 Live your life

We know what you’re thinking…

“I know what I need to eat, I just need to get back on track!”

“I don’t think I need a coach, I can just go back to the program that worked for me in the past.”

“I feel guilty spending money on myself.”

But if trying to do this on your own worked, wouldn’t you already be where you want to be?

Following templated programs, going back to what “worked” in the past, and trying to change without accountability is NOT a long-term solution. In fact, this approach to your nutrition is probably what’s preventing you from seeing results. 

Time to make a change

What Makes Us So Different

other methods

One-size-fits-all templates, calorie calculations, and meal plans

Restrictive and rigid rules that leave you feeling guilty, deprived, and hungry

Force you to give up the foods and activities that bring you joy

Aren’t flexible with your schedule and lifestyle

Customized fitness and/or nutrition program designed around your lifestyle, non-negotiables, goals, and more

Incorporates flexibility so that you can enjoy the things you love 

Judgment-free accountability that helps you learn the WHY behind the choices you make

Built around your schedule and lifestyle

Expect you to go from 0-100 overnight

Make you feel like a failure when you mess up

Only focus on short-term results with no long-term game plan

The you method

Prioritizes long-term results so that you can finally stop the diet cycle 

Focuses on simple, realistic change so that reaching your goals doesn’t feel overwhelming

Incorporates healthy mindset practices that help you ditch negative self-talk and self-destructive habits

Frequently Asked Questions

Providing prescriptive, templated meal plans is not only out of our scope of practice, it’s also rigid and unrealistic. We work with you to develop a plan that makes sense for you and your lifestyle.  

we have answers

Will you provide me with a meal plan? 

i am ready for a change

It depends. Counting calories and macros might make sense for some people, but for others a mindful eating approach can be more beneficial. We help you learn which method is right for you.

Will you assign me to a calorie or macro goal?

There’s never going to be a perfect time. That’s why we help you learn how to navigate through different seasons of life, vacations, and holidays. We even provide you with bodyweight workouts you can do anywhere.

What if I have a vacation coming up soon?

It depends. However, keeping a food log is the best way to help us learn where you’re at. Discovering the best approach to tracking your food looks different for everyone.

Do I have to track my food?

There is a 3-month minimum commitment but most of our clients stay with us much longer because long-term results often require some long-term coaching. 

How long of a commitment is this program?

The Benefits

Break free of the yo-yo dieting cycle 

Believe in yourself again

Feel confident in your own skin

Enjoy your favorite foods while still feeling healthy

Ditch the negative-self talk 

Finally look and feel the way you’ve always wanted

Want the best of both worlds? 

learn more

You can have them! Combine our Nutrition and Fitness program into one!

Enjoy the benefits of both! 

Comprehensive, systemized approach to your nutrition and fitness

Customized nutrition plan + fitness program 

New workouts designed around the equipment you have access to

Weekly accountability check-ins 

Access to the coaching app


To start, your coach will help you build a foundation of simple healthy habits. 

Each week, you and your coach will work together to assess what is working and what changes need to be made. 

Each nutrition and fitness program is completely individualized. Your coach will provide you with you-specific workouts and only make recommendations that are right for YOU. 

How it works

I'm in!

You can have them! Combine our Nutrition and Fitness program into one!